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Fighting for Fairness
Legacy T Bargaining Report # 17 ~ March 27,2015

Today the Union proposed an additional pension improvement to expand service pension eligibility (eligibility for retiree benefits) to those with 15 years of service who are 60 years old.

In another proposal aimed at preparing us for 2020, we proposed that the training for that future work, be classroom based, formal training. We feel that complex training is better delivered that way.

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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #16 ~ March 26, 2015

Today the Union again rejected the company’s plan to freeze our pensions and force new hires to rely solely on a 401K, with no additional pension plan. Mary Ellen Mazzeo showed example after example of how inadequate AT&T’s Pension proposals are. Our demand was for pension increases for people under all three plans. She pointed out that any improvement we made by adding to the Cash Balance in the last round would be completely wiped out with the company’s current proposal.

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Fighting for Fairness
Legacy T Bargaining Report #15

March 25, 2015

In addition to a sub-committee to discuss health care, our time at the table was again spent mainly on job security. We proposed a National Committee, pending the participation of the other AT&T units, to discuss training for “Workforce 2020.”


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Legacy T Bargaining Report #14

March 24, 2015

For over a year, Randall Stephenson has been talking about his vision of “2020” - AT&T’s network becoming IP based, allowing AT&T to offer all kinds of new services. For us there are two different visions of that year: one is a Company with a handful of bargaining unit members left, while work is done by Contractors, Managers and off shore employees. The other is what we are fighting for - a good size Union workforce trained for the new jobs and the new technology and new ways to work with customers.

Today was our day at the table to present our employment security proposals. While they proposed eliminating JOG,

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #13

March 23, 2015

Today the Company responded to our Bargaining Proposal for Health Care. Our proposal concentrated on wellness programs that would lower health care costs, instead of shifting it to our members. Their proposal was not responsive. Current employees and 2009 new hires would have access to the AT&T Medical Plan with all the increases we told you about in previous reports. They would also have the choice of a “Management Plan.” Those hired after 2012 would only have access to the “Management Plan.” That plan has two options - one has slightly lower premiums and one has slightly higher. The difference is that those plans don’t pay out a penny in for either drugs or medical treatment (except preventative) until the deductible is fully met. So, a family could not even fill a prescription until they pay the $2,600 deductible. The slightly lower priced plan also has an $8,250 Out of Pocket Max for a family. So why did they even bother making this proposal? They say they were responding to our wellness proposal, though the deal is IF you choose the “Management Plan” you have access to some of the “Management” wellness programs under something called “Health Matters.” However, if you take our Traditional Plan, even with all their increases in cost, you don’t have access to those programs. The obvious question we had to ask the Company was, “so you don’t give a d—m about the wellness of employees unless they are willing to take the plan you want us to take”, which they can adjust yearly without bargaining with us. Those picking the old plan don’t have access to it. NO WAY.

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #12(*)

The Bargaining Team met with the Company in subcommittee and among themselves to work on Union proposals. There is nothing new to report.(*)



to view photos sent in from various Locals showing their mobilization activities, including Health Care Action Day.(*)


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Legacy T Bargaining Report #11

March 19, 2015

Today the Union firmly rejected the Company proposal to freeze all of our pensions and give new hires 401K plans only - no defined pension plan at all.

As we said in our opening statement:

“We believe that the workers who built this Company deserve to be secure in their retirement. That means fair pensions they can absolutely count on and are not subject to the whims of the market.”


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Fighting for Fairness
Legacy T Bargaining Report #10

March 18, 2015

Despite all of the lip service the Company has given us about the importance of training and the need to get everyone ready for the technological changes required for 2020, the Company’s proposal for Alliance funding today points in the opposite direction. Their proposal would cut the funding by over 50%.

The Alliance has been one of the most successful programs we’ve ever created. Aside from helping people retrain when they are surplus, the Alliance runs the Certification Program under Article 43 and has been the main vehicle for training that upgrades skills people can use on and off the job. Not only do our members use it and applaud it, but many Company business unit leaders also praise it constantly.

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Fighting for Fairness
Legacy T Bargaining Report #9

March 17, 2015

Today, the Union proposed increasing the bi-lingual differential. This affects several articles and is important to people in some of our call centers that must work in two languages.

We also rejected three of the Company’s proposals:


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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #8 ~ March 16, 2015

Today at the table the company again refused to provide the Union with any of the data we requested concerning retiree medical benefits. We have said over and over again that this is an issue that must be discussed at this bargaining. The Company again and again has stated that bargaining for retirees is a “permissive subject” and they “have no interest or desire” to bargain with us over benefits for current retirees.

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #7 ~ March 13, 2015

Today the Company reached an all-time low. While the Union is trying to bargain in good faith to protect our members and has clearly stated that one of our chief concerns is protecting jobs, with no advanced notice, the company dumped surplus notices on us this morning – 86 in Legacy T (including the Local President of Local 1058) and 153 –three full office closings-- under the National Internet Contract.

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AT&T VTP & Surplus Notification 3/13/15


We have received the following Surplus notification and VTP offer from AT&T.

Let the company know that this insult during bargaining will be firmly opposed!

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #6 March 12, 2015

Another day at the table and another day of retrogressive demands from the Company. They started out by presenting a “no strike clause” for our Contract. We already have language that says disputes must be handled through grievance and arbitration. The company hasn’t had a problem with a strike during the course of the agreement in over 30 years. This is just another way they want to exert control even if it’s not necessary.


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Legacy T Bargaining Report #5

March 11, 2015

Today in Bargaining the Union rejected the Company’s proposal on Medical Benefits. We said, “The Company has single-mindedly focused on increasing employee cost share in the last three rounds of bargaining. This proposal is just more of the same.” Our CWA proposal focused on controlling the cost of health care with a comprehensive list that promotes wellness and other policies that encourage use of the most effective and efficient drugs and medical care.

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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #4


March 10, 2015


Today the Company turned their attention (evil eye) to paid time for personal illness.


They are proposing NO PAID PERSONAL ILLNESS TIME for new hires.


For those with less than three years they want to change 5 paid days to 3 (after the second scheduled day not worked);


With three to six years - from 5 paid to 3;


With six to eleven years - from 7 paid to 4;


And everyone over eleven years of service a maximum of 5 paid days (not including disability).

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #3

March 9, 2015

At the table today your Union Bargaining Team started presenting our proposals. We presented several to expand the Certification Program (which has been so successful for our Network Technical Specialists under Article 43) to titles in several other articles. This is part of our goal to require the Company prepare the workforce for the “2020” technological changes.

We also proposed improving the Pension band for one of our lowest wage titles and moving the CSDG Assembler title into Article 41.

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Legacy T Bargaining Report #2

March 5, 2015

Today the Company presented its proposals on Medical Care, Pensions and other benefits. Based on what they said in their opening statement it was not a surprise that their proposals would be awful but they surpassed our expectations.
We cannot go into every detail here (their proposals were over 20 pages long) but here are the highlights (lowlights?):

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Today was our first day of bargaining for our Legacy T Contract.  The Company’s Bargaining Chair, Lori Smith, read their opening statement.  After they explained what they viewed as the bargaining environment – a still “healing” labor market, competition  from Google, Walmart, Dish, Comcast, Amazon, etc., regulation (including the new FCC rules) and the Affordable Care Act, and higher customer expectations they finally made clear what their key issues are:(*)


  • They think our wages are “significantly” above market rate;
  • They say our members pay 40% less for medical care than the national average and we, in Legacy, pay less than the rest of AT&T.  They say we must pay our “fair share”;
  • They say our pensions are too high and new hires actually don’t want the same pensions as we all get but want 401Ks instead;
  • They say to serve their customers we must give them more flexible schedules and work rules;
  • They say they must again “improve” our absences. 


We also presented an opening statement - click here to read.  Our view is very different.  We say we understand the challenges AT&T is facing but we view the situation quite differently. We said, “While we understand those changes (in our industry), we as a Union have not changed our values and we believe AT&T can compete in the current environment without the Union having to push those values aside.” Laura Unger, Bargaining Chair, said:(*)

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Bargaining updates will be at www.cwa-union.org/teletech and www.CWAatATT.com and our own website, www.cwa1153.org


January 28, 2015  

I hope everyone has had a very happy new year.

Our contract expires on Saturday, April 11 at 11:59PM.

Bargaining starts on March 4.  If past bargaining is any indication, this will be another tough round.  Our surveys indicate that Healthcare, Pensions and Job Security are foremost on our members’ minds.

Our mobilization to do what it takes to get a good contract will be the crucial factor in the outcome. 1153 stepped up in 2012 and will be prepared to do so again

In other important news, I urge you to actively oppose Congressional Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP which would give the President the ability to approve this “Trade” deal without congress’s debate and approval. In fact, this so called trade deal is not really about trade. Much of the draft deals with incentives to off-shore jobs and limit federal and state governments’ rights to regulate for safe food, and a clean environment.  It gives multinational corporations the right to arbitrate over any national or state laws in any country that the corporation feels is harming their profit.

Please contact your senator and representative and urge them to vote no to fast track this corporate deal.

For more information please see:





Andrea Lupo,

President , CWA 1153

December 18, 2014

We would like to thank all of the current and retired members who came by to our meeting and holiday party in New York and Connecticut.  We’d especially like to thank all of you for the wealth of toys and donations for Toys for Tots. It was huge.
We wish all of you and your families a happy holiday season (and a safe one if you’re traveling). Here’s to love and health for you and your loved ones.
Happy New Year.

Andrea Lupo, Vinnie Perretta, Rosaria Porpora

President, CWA1153

Attached are the notices from ATT to the Vice President Bates for the surplus declaration and the VTP offers dated Dec 15, 2014 in their entirety. There is no surplus declaration affecting our local directly. Off payroll for the VTP offer in the White Plains CMC is Jan 16, 2015.

Dec General Membership Meetings and Holiday Party
Happy, safe, healthy Thanksgiving! Please join us for the CWA Local 1153 Membership Meeting and Holiday Party: In Connecticut at Cristo's Pizza, 970 N Colony Rd, Wallingford on Thurs, Dec 18, 2014 at 5:30PM. In NY at White Plains Presbyterian Church on Barker Ave/N Broadway, on Wed, Dec 17th, 2014 from 8:30AM to 4:PM Please bring an unwrapped new toy for Toys for Tots, or a donation. call your steward or the union office or email us at cwalocal1153@optonline.net with any questions, suggestions.

Tape-Oct 29, 2014
Wednesday, Oct 29th, 2014 The bargaining demands Survey for Bargaining 2015 has been sent in email and by regular mail. Please take some time to consider the survey and formulate your own demand if there is some contractual topic you would like to see addressed that is not covered by the survey. The survey and any additional demands needs to be returned to Local 1153 by mail, email or fax by Dec 20th. As a reminder, There are Six days to get out the vote in an election that could decide so much for millions of New Yorkers. From raising the minimum wage to getting money out of politics and more, the single best way to make sure that the change we want to see becomes reality next year is to send a Democratic-Working Families State Senate to Albany. Winning big means a big showing on the entire Working Families Party ballot line – Join CWA members and retirees across the state and vote the Working Families Party candidates on Nov 4th.

This is John Clark for the CWA Local 1153 election committee. It is Oct 15, 2014. The nominating petitions were picked up today. We received three nominating petitions properly signed by at least 20 members in good standing. Andrea Lupo is nominated for President with no opposition and retains the office. Vincent Perretta is nominated for Executive Vice President with no opposition and retains the office. And Rosaria Porpora is nominated for Secretary Treasurer with no opposition and retains the office. Congratulations to all.

On September 15th, 2014 ATT notified CWA Vice President Bill Bates of the current VTP offer and surplus declaration.

The full offer is provided at the above link. Local 1153 is not impacted by either the surplus or the vtp offer.

In Unity,

Andrea Lupo

President, 1153

September 10, 2014 Announcement
As mandated by the CWA Constitution and Local 1153 By-Laws, 2014 is an election year for local officers. The Constitution and the By-Laws can be accessed using the "buttons" at left. Announcement letters with nominating petitions for anyone interested in running for President, Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer have been mailed to all members. If you do not get this mailing please call the office at 914 761 1157 and leave your name and address and contact number, or for faster service, email your name and address to cwalocal1153@optonline.net. Anyone interested in running must return the original nominating petition to be received at the address indicated not later than noon on October 15th, 2014. Laraine Aliperti and John Clark have graciously volunteered to serve as our Election Committee. We thank them for their union service. Andrea Lupo, President, CWA1153

Attached is a presentation developed by CWA Research Department to help provide information on the Medicare Retiree Health Exchange that will be covering Medicare-eligible retirees as of 1/1/15 This change will apply only to retirees who retired after 3/1/90. Medicare-eligible retirees who retired before 3/1/90 will not be affected by this change. They will continue to be covered by the AT&T-sponsored Traditional Indemnity Plan. (Click the above link) Read more >>>

Tape August 13, 2014
The District 1 Conference held a tribute to Gerry Horgan, the Local 1103 steward who was killed, struck by a car driven by a scab while he was on the picket line at the Valhalla Verizon location during the 1989 strike. That was August 15, 1989, 25 years ago. We continue to wear Red on Thursdays to show our unity, and in remembrance of Gerry Horgan's sacrifice. The closing remarks at the conference were given by the Reverend Dr. William Barber whose strength and conviction to oppose inequality of income and justice has sparked a strong movement known as Moral Mondays in North Carolina and spreading to many other states. Check him out on google. Andrea Lupo, President CWA Local 1153

TAPE-JULY 23, 2014
I will be in Atlantic City on July 28, 29, and 30th for the District 1 Conference called by Vice-President Chris Shelton. Our VP Vinnie Perretta will be in charge. Contact him if necessary, using the number posted on the 1153 website or through your steward. In Unity, Andrea Lupo, President, CWA 1153

TAPE JUNE 18, 2014
Bargaining in 2015 is not that far away. It's not too soon to think about bargaining demands. We know we need to hold the line on health care costs passed on to us. But we need to be thinking about the rules in the contract that we live with every day as well. Write it down, send an email to the local so it's not forgotten when we send out forms for bargaining demand proposals. On another note, I would like to take a moment to remember our brother Declan O'Neil who passed away on June 11. He was a selfless steward at 811 10th Ave and he took it upon himself, back in the early '90's, to help anyone who asked, with problems with the health insurance company and all the new rules. He was an old fashioned union guy with a big heart and he will be missed. May he rest in peace. Andrea Lupo, President CWA1153

MAY 21, 2014

Tomorrow, May 1st, is our Membership Meeting in White Plains. The Church opens at 8:30AM, so we’ll be there from 8:30AM until 4PM. See you there! Next week on May 8th, I’ll be in Washington DC for the President’s Meeting. On May 7th, Mike Kane will represent us in Washington DC for Lobby Day. The main topic will be the Trans Pacific Partnership, which, as you know from reading CWA News in print or in the on-line email bulletins, the CWA strongly opposes. There will also be a rally at the Capitol Grounds for FAIR TRADE not Fast Track. On April 16th, over 700 retiree activists rallied outside ATT headquarters in Dallas to stand up for retiree healthcare and oppose the cost shifting that is causing hardship for our retirees. There’s no Golden CEO Umbrella in our Retiree Pensions and Benefits. A petition with over 12,600 signatures was delivered by Local 4250 Retired President Steve Tisza to AT$T’s Vice President of Labor Relations, Mark Royce. I read that AT&T plans to offer retirees a 30% discount for wireless. AT$T can do better in Healthcare for retirees, as well. In Unity, ANDREA LUPO PRESIDENT, CWA1153

There is a meeting today at Cristo’s in CT at 5:30pm. The T & T conference and CWA Legacy T Local Presidents’ meeting in Phoenix was informative and inspirational. We discussed upcoming bargaining and the role of the bargaining councils, as well as the changing technology scene and what it means for our members. We participated in a spirited demonstration for the SuperShuttle drivers who, having formed a union are standing firm in their demands for SuperShuttle to settle a fair contract. We also agreed to pass on to our members the petition to AT&T to roll back the ridiculous increases the company has introduced on retiree healthcare. The petition has been sent to all in our local via email. Hope most of our members have signed. ATT Retired Members Council has called a protest for April 16th, 2014 in Dallas. If you want to be part of the demonstration, there’s more info at: www.cwalocal4250.org Andrea Lupo President, CWA Local 1153


MAY 1ST, 2014

8:30AM - 4PM




APRIL 2ND, 2014

5:30PM to 8:00PM
970 N Colony Rd






TAPE: FEB 12,2014

Tape Feb 12, 2014
I will be traveling to Phoenix for the Telecommunications and Technology Conference Feb 28th to March 5th and then on vacation until March 10th. Mike Kane will attend as alternate delegate. This conference is led by National Union VP Bill Bates. In my absence, EVP Vinnie Perretta is in charge of the local’s business.

I would like to bring to your attention an update on the NLRB. If you recall, there was a campaign last year to get the Senate to approve the President's appointments to the NLRB so that the board could do its work. Since the appointments were finally approved, the NLRB has been able to update some rules governing representation procedures when a group of employees wishes to form a union.
The rules that would allow modern technology (like email) to play a role in filings, contacts, appeals, etc. were originally proposed in 2011 but were not allowed to be implemented because the board did not have enough members to constitute a quorum. This held up many applications for union affiliation—to the employers’ advantage. Now that there is a functioning NLRB, we can look forward to a streamlining of the process and hopefully morefavorable outcomes for workers who organize to form a union or seek redress from employer violations.

In Unity,
Andrea Lupo, President Local 1153

2014 Scheduled Legacy T - AT&T Occupational Represented VTP/Surplus Declaration Windows

ATT Retiree Health Plan Offer for 2014

CWA Local 1153 is not affected by either the Surplus or VTP offer. Click the link above to view the VTP And Surplus notifications.


May 1, 2013—Tape

The 74th CWA Convention brought delegates, alternates and retirees from all over the country to Pittsburgh. All sections were represented: CWA Telecommunications Locals and Districts and the Telecom and Technologies Sector; TNG –the Newspaper Guild; NABET – the Broadcast employees and technicians; IUE – electrical workers; AFA – the flight attendants; PPMW – Printing, publishing and media employees; and Public Workers.

As with all organizations, the financial report was primary. Streamlining the use of our funds to best support our goals was of highest importance. It was approved to increase the member relief fund payment to $400 on the 57th day of a strike. Week 2 is $200 and weeks 3 through 7 is $300.

President Cohen outlined the Unions overall goals as represented by a triangle of Representing of our members, Organizing new members, and Movement building.
A constitutional amendment was approved to establish a Telecom Bargaining Council which will formulate the bargaining agenda, designate national issues and authorize an agreement. It is hoped that this will strengthen our bargaining position particularly with employers like ATT.

Many successful organizing campaigns were reported. The major stand out is the 300 Cablevision workers in Brooklyn’s 1109. And the highlight of the convention for me was their group performing the song they wrote for their organizing effort.

Right Now: Of immediate concern for everyone who works for a living –represented or not—is to protect the NLRB. Right now, there are members in Congress, specifically the Senate, representing Corporate interests like ATT and Verizon but also Walmart and dozens of other large anti-union corporations, who are preventing the President from making the appointments necessary for the NLRB to function. A non-functioning NLRB means no elections for union representation and labor board charges going unresolved. Strong anti-union forces will stop at nothing to prevent working people from seeking economic justice, further deteriorating the middle class.

JOIN THE FIGHT: Join the CWA rapid response team to protect the NLRB and the labor law it upholds. Text NLRB to 69866.

You can read all of President Cohen’s speech, and get much more in depth information on the convention, the issues discussed, resolutions passed, etc, by going to www.cwa-union.org or pressing the CWA National button on the left on this website.

In Unity,
Andrea Lupo
President, Local 1153


April 28, 2013

Hello Members and Friends,

I wanted to share a little insight into where your money goes when you are kind enough to donate to one of the many charities that always seem to be in need.
As part of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Awards presentation at the 74th Annual CWA Convention this year there was a speaker named, Martha. She was born in Africa, contracted HIV and believed she would never fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. Due to the efforts of many of our CWA brothers and sisters for the past 22 years, they have helped to raise over 7 million dollars. Martha was one of the very fortunate people who benefited from these generous donations. Twelve years ago a pill was developed that reduced the risk of transmission from mother to child. Current medication not only reduces the risk but allows the mother to care for her HIV negative children. Martha did find someone who as she put it, “swept her off her feet” and they have 2 beautiful HIV negative sons. And now, she is determined to help other women in her village to also be able to know the joys of motherhood, which is a very long standing custom as part of her culture.
So, to those of you who participated in the local’s bake sale to benefit EGPAF, please know that you are indeed helping to make the elimination of pediatric aids a very real goal. As stated at the convention, it is a question of when not if. I am proud to be a member of one of the 459 locals (out of 960) who participated in the annual fundraising campaign for 2012 and look forward to helping again this year.

In Unity,
Rosaria Porpora

LOCAL 1153 Holiday Selection

Local 1153 has selected the following holidays for 2013 - 2015:
For Connecticut:                        Day after Thanksgiving
For New York:                           President's Day
                                                  Good Friday
                                                  Day after Thanksgiving

One additional Holiday can be chosen during vacation pick and is NOT part of the bogey and can be any holiday of your choice, including your birthday. If you do not wish to pick the holiday with vacation, it can be chosen at any time, subject to service and coverage in the same manner as day-at-a-time vacation days.


36 Reasons Why You Should Thank a Union
All Breaks at Work, including your Lunch Breaks
Paid Vacation
Sick Leave
Social Security
Minimum Wage
Civil Rights Act/Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination)
8-Hour Work Day
Overtime Pay
Child Labor Laws
Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
40 Hour Work Week
Worker's Compensation (Worker's Comp)
Unemployment Insurance
Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations
Employer Health Care Insurance
Collective Bargaining Rights for Employees
Wrongful Termination Laws
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Whistleblower Protection Laws
Employee Polygraph Protect Act (Prohibits Employer from using a lie detector test on an employee)
Veteran's Employment and Training Services (VETS)
Compensation increases and Evaluations (Raises)
Sexual Harassment Laws
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Holiday Pay
Employer Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
Privacy Rights
Pregnancy and Parental Leave
Military Leave
The Right to Strike
Public Education for Children
Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 (Requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work)
Laws Ending Sweatshops in the United States



where's the fairness?


MOBILIZATION NEWS: Today as AT&T holds it’s shareholder meeting in Salt Lake City, the following ad was in newspapers around the country:


Why Wear RED


                  BARGAINING REPORTS 1 - 6

Company propose eliminating shifted tour differential
Company propose eliminating double time after 8 hours OT
Company propose eliminating Sunday differential
Company propose eliminating day after Thanksgiving as a fixed holiday and replacing it with company designated HF day
Company propose to shorten the length of time our members have to file grievances
Company propose to reduce the number of paid Union reps at grievance meetings
Company propose eliminating the “tie backs” provision, which protects our members against Company abuse of Article 16 to save particular groups of workers from layoff.
Company propose to eliminate a process (the “Barnes” Agreement) we have in the current agreement that address management doing bargaining unit work
Company propose to eliminate the Termination Pay schedule currently in Article 25 that tops out at 104 weeks to a mere maximum termination pay of 45 weeks

AT&T claims operating segment income of $7.3 Billion on revenues of $59.8 Billion      



Jan 2012

We’ve made the difference
at AT&T.
We will make the difference
in 2012

This month we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. At the time that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968, he was in Memphis to support the striking sanitation workers there. He believed that we all need to stand together to fight for justice. He knew that workers and their Unions are an important part of that fight. 


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